Academic Staff

  • Isidoros Pachoundakis is the Vice President of Council of the St. Thomas Polytechnic in Singapore and the Maritime Studies LLPs Academic Coordinator at the University of Patras. He has served as Academic Coordinator in Merchant Marine E-Learning Studies of the Economic Department at the University of Piraeus, Academic Coordinator of Maritime Studies at the Executive Diplomas Department of University of Macedonia. He was also a Professor at the Hellenic Postgraduate Merchant Marine Academy for ten years. He has been a lecturer at the University of Aegean, the University of West-Macedonia, the University of Ioannina, the Police Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy of Hydra/Faculty of Nautical Science.

  • Efstratios Spyrou studied Shipping Economics at the University of Piraeus, Greece and continued his studies at Harvard University, USA. He is the Academic Coordinator of the e-Learning Shipping Programs of the University of Patras. He has also been head of the shipping programmes of the University of Piraeus (Department of Economics) and the University of Macedonia. He has served as Professor of Higher Education for First and Second Class Masters at the Greek National Merchant Marine Training Center (KESEN), in the field of Shipping Management, and has collaborated with major Shipping Companies to provide counseling and training.

  • Stamatios Zoulas, is a Theologian professor, teaching Religious, History, Social & Political Sciences and Philosophy. He holds a BA in Eastern Christian Orthodox Theology at the Orthodox University College of Athens, a BA in Orthodox Theology at the University of Athens and a MSc of Christian Orthodox Pastoral Care at the University of Athens. He has participated in seminars, conferences and workshops of a diverse scientific nature, both in Greece and abroad, in several of them and as a keynote speaker. He has also Instructor and Academic Coordinator of Social, Culture and Religious and Human Studies at the University of Piraeus, Dpt. of Economics LORED.

  • Dimitris Vassilopoulos is a Captain of the Merchant Marine with a long professional experience in cargo and passenger ships. For the past 6 years he has been a Professor at the Merchant Marine Academy of Macedonia, and he was also an e-learning instructor at the Department of Economics at the University of Piraeus. Finally, he is the editor of, one of the largest shipping portals in Greece.

  • Theologos Karagiannis is a Master of the Merchant Marine with a long professional experience as a second officer, chief officer, staff captain and Master in tanker, cargo and passenger vessels respectively. For the past last year he has been a professor at the Merchant Marine Academy of Crete. Finally, he is a volunteer pilot at Souda bay of Crete.