MSc in Human Resource Management

MSc in Human Resource Management

MSc in Human Resource Management 150 150 MARITIME ACTION

The purpose of the MSc in Human Resource Management is to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and key skills that are required by today’s HR professionals so that you can contribute effectively to dynamic organisations. After a series of compulsory core modules, you will have the option to focus on the specialised stream of study, Marine Diversity Management, or follow a general Human Resource programme.

The Marine Diversity stream is offered in synergy with the Diversity Programme of the University of Patras, Greece

  • 8 months (1 Academic Year)

    Commencement dates: October 1st 2020 and February 1st 2021

  • Isidoros Pachoundakis – Efstratios Spyrou

  • Decisions, behavior, way of working, the pace of labour, the way of thinking, the method of administrating of a person is affected and also differs from one person to another, since they are consciously or unconsciously acting having in mind the values of  their community, which have formed their own culture, which -at the same time- is the mindset and culture of their religious and / or cultural identity.

    A business entity chooses to minimize its damage by simultaneously maximizing its profits by investing in effective and efficient measurable training of its staff, seeking real results:

    1. Create a healthy working environment of understanding the needs of others and thus assist in the development of the employee’s skills in the work place, for the benefit of the employee itself and the firm.
    2. Determine the deepest cause of actions of others, which can to be a helpful aid for the managers.
    3. Evaluate and utilize the personnel according to its skills and capabilities and therefore delegate labour more efficiently.
    4. Prevent and deal effectively with problems caused by tense relations amongst colleagues.
    5. Achieve better understanding, knowledge and perception as a manager that manages people of different cultural and religious background.
    6. Avoid conflicts and legal battles that may be caused by the difference in perception, practices and mentality of the local culture and may lead to losses for the employees and the firm.
  • The programme is addressed to a wide range of graduates and professionals who wish to distinguish themselves in the business sector or Maritime industry, thus we welcome applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds.

  • Module 1: Human Resources Management

    Module 2: Leadership & Decision Making

    Stream: Human Resource Specialization

    Module 3: Effective Communication Skills

    Module 4: Business & Emotional Intelligence

    Stream: Maritime Diversity Management

    Module 3: Diversity Management at the workplace

    Module 4: Cultural & Religious Identities in Merchant Marine

    Module 5: Thesis

    • E-learning basis
    • Academic Mentoring
    • Independent study
    • Multiple Choice Tests
    • Assignments
  • 2.500 EUR / 4.000 SGD / 3.000 USD (Registration fee included)