MSc in Shipping Management

MSc in Shipping Management

MSc in Shipping Management 150 150 MARITIME ACTION

The MSc in Shipping Management that is provided by St Thomas Polytechnic, Singapore (OMSGSA), is a postgraduate degree that focuses on all the maritime activities of a shipping company and the skills required by the office managers or sea masters to promote their vision and the company’s goals. It is also a powerful tool in the hands of graduates that prepares them to handle any position of responsibility in a company, in shipping or transport.

Saint Thomas Polytechnic, Singapore, as a member of the International Chamber of Commerce – ICC GR, empowers all students of this Master’s Degree in order to adapt to the challenges of trading in today’s fast-paced global economy.

  • 8 months (1 Academic Year)

    Commencement dates: October 1st 2020 and February 1st 2021

  • Isidoros Pachoundakis – Efstratios Spyrou

  • The graduate, upon completing the program in Shipping, becomes a value with multiple benefits for every company or organization that he will work for.

    He will understand

    • The diversity of the charter market and how to efficiently satisfy the charterer’s needs.
    • The methods of human resources management of a shipping company, either in the office or on board.
    • Shipbuilding characteristics and stevedoring at ports.
    • The operation of combined transport services.
    • The marine insurance practice and its function in a political and economic context.
    • How to provide logistics services at all stages of freight transport.
    • The organization and structure of shipping companies.
    • The functions and requirements of a ship in relation to supplies and manpower.

    He will be capable of

    • Calculating charter costs in the modern market.
    • Filling in necessary forms and shipping documents.
    • Organizing the various stages of a supply chain.
    • Effectively administering the department officials or a multinational crew of a maritime company.
  • The MSc in Shipping Management is addressed to managers of shipping companies of more than 5-year working experience who wish to improve their maritime knowledge and work in other departments than the ones they are serving now, to Merchant Marine officers who intend to continue their careers as senior executives in the shipping business and to those who wish to work in the shipping industry coming from various professional and academic areas, such as lawyers, economists, engineers, naval architects, sociologists, political scientists etc , and young people with a BSc degree who want to pursue a career in shipping.

  • The MSc in Shipping Management consists of eight modules and a dissertation

      1. Shipping Management
      2. Leadership & Decision Making in Shipping
      3. International Maritime Regulations
      4. Ship Operations & Port Management
      5. Transportation Management & Logistics
      6. Marine Insurance
      7. Ship Chartering
      8. Thesis
        • PostGraduate Certificate (PGCert): Upon completion of the first 4 modules
        • PostGraduate Diploma (PGDip): Upon completion of 7 modules
        • Master of Science (MSc): Upon completion of all modules and a thesis
          • E-learning basis
          • Academic Mentoring
          • Independent study
        • Multiple Choice Tests
        • Assignments
  • 2.500 EUR / 4.000 SGD / 3.000 USD (Registration fee 1.000 EUR / 1700 SGD / 1200 USD included)