Maritime Forums


On May 17th 2019 the Düsseldorf Maritime Forum “Shipping & Logistics in Northern Europe” was held by the European Institute of Law, Science & Technology, St.Thomas Polytechnic in Singapore, University of Patras LLP Shipping Studies and the Institute of International Nautical Studies.

The economic importance of Düsseldorf is directly linked to its significant port activity on the Rhine River, that is accessible to ocean-going vessels, and its being an outlet for the agricultural products and ores of the Wuppertal valley of Germany. The Düsseldorf Maritime Forum discussed issues that included Logistics and Shipping, Geopolitics, Energy Issues and the EastMed Gas Pipeline, Maritime Education and the modern trends in postgraduate specializations.


Following a joint initiative of St. Thomas Polytechnic, Singapore and the Merchant Marine Academy of Macedonia, the Maritime Forum “Shipping & Global Challenges” was held in Thessaloniki, a key port of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, on February 2nd 2019. The Maritime Forum aimed at creating and reinforcing efforts in the Maritime sector in terms of bringing together institutions and people, promoting Maritime Affairs within society as a think tank, giving prospects for individual and collective development of maritime entrepreneurship and education.